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Married 32 years and a father of 4, Doug Guccione knows the importance of family and putting down roots. The home is where memories are made. As a realtor, this is very important to him. He understands that a house is more than the wood and bricks it's made of. He also understand that a customer's money is hard earned. That's why he is so passionate about being able to sell someone's home while saving them money...and helping them find their next 'forever home'. 

Doug was born in St. Louis and moved to the Springfield area in 1978. He has worked in various forms of the food business - owning his own restaurants, food sales, grocery and management, for more than 30 years. 

Doug and his family have a side business buying homes and refurbishing them for sale or rent. They have spent years making homes beautiful again and helping families find that safe and warm space they can call home. This is what sparked his passion for real estate. 

Today, Doug works full time as a Realtor and loves every minute of it. He has been able to help several residents across the United States find their perfect home, right here in the Ozarks. 

Will Doug be able to help your dreams come true? He would certainly like to try!